Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley Cup Journals: 2012, 22

Mike Richards
Mike Richards brought The Stanley Cup to his hometown of Kenora, Ontario. In 1907, Kenora became the smallest town in history to win the Cup when the Thistles defeated the Montreal Wanderers.
Hundreds of fans packed the White Cap Pavilion where Richards brought the Cup for all to see.
The Stanley Cup and Mike Richards at Evergreen Community Club, the outdoor rink where Mike spent hours learning the game as a child.
Time to relax! Mike and Stan do a little afternoon fishing.
Mike Richards along with his brothers and parents pose with hockey's oldest trophy.
It wouldn't be a trip to Kenora without a picture with Husky the Muskie, the 40-foot-tall sculpture in McLeod Park.
Mike Richards and The Stanley Cup out for a paddle.
The sun sets on Mike Richards' day with The Stanley Cup.

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