Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley Cup Journals: 2014, 11

Kings sniper Marian Gaborik brought the Cup to the arena he opened in 2005 in his hometown on Trencin, Slovakia. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)
"Cruisin." With the Stanley Cup riding shotgun, Marian Gaborik heads to a parade through Trencin. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Gaborik brought the Stanley Cup to the Pohoda Music Festival where approximately 30,000 fans got a glimpse of the trophy. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Gaborik poured champagne in the Cup and served up some sips as the crowd cheered with approval. (Phil Pritchard/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Gaborik hoists the Stanley Cup at the Pohoda Music Festival much to the delight of thousands of supporters. (Phil Pritchard/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Backstage at the festival, Marian Gaborik poses with one of the bands. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)
"Fill 'er up." Gaborik pours champagne in to the Stanley Cup's bowl in what has become a time-honoured tradition. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)
At his parent's home, Marian Gaborik conducts a quick interview. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Gaborik and the Stanley Cup pose at the famous Trencin Castle. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Taking special care of hockey's oldest trophy, Gaborik leaves Trencin Castle. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Gaborik packs the Stanley Cup onto a helicopter where it will be flown to Slovenia to meet up with Anze Kopitar. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)

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