Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley Cup Journals: 2014, 16

Donnelly, Emerson & Blake
Kings scout Mike Donnelly welcomed the Stanley Cup to suburban Detroit and paid a visit to a hockey player's best friend: the dentist. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Donnelly and the Stanley Cup are joined by Super Bowl champion T.J. Lang of the Green bay Packers and they show off their championship rings. (Mike Bolt/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Member of the Kings Player Development department, Nelson Emerson hosted the Cup in Waterford, Ontario, where a replica cake nearly stole the show. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
For the second time in three years Emerson brought the Cup to Waterford Arena. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Emerson and his sons pose for an on-ice photo with the Stanley Cup. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Emerson was joined by Kings Assistant General Manager Rob Blake for a pickup game with the Stanley Cup on the line. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Rob Blake and the Stanley Cup pose with members of the Norfolk HERicanes. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Nelson Emerson gives some lucky fans at a local Tim Hortons an up-close view of the Stanley Cup. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Blake and Emerson grab a "double double" at a local Tim Hortons. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Heading for home. Rob Blake and his son travel with the Cup to their home in Simcoe, Ontario. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Blake and his family pose with the Stanley Cup at their home. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)

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