Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley Cup Journals: 2014, 22
Keeper of the Cup presents Stanley Cup Journal

Robyn Regehr
Kings defenceman Robyn Regehr welcomed the Stanley Cup his hometown of Rosthern, Saskatchewan. (Kristina Regehr)
Dockside with the Regehrs - Kristina, Robyn and their sons Wyatt and Shane. (Kristina Regehr)
Along with the Stanley Cup, Robyn and Kristina Regehr walk hand in hand. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Robyn hoists the Stanley Cup in a Canola field in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Driving in style. Robyn and the Stanley Cup roll out in a Ferrari. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Regehr and the Cup spent over two hours at Rosthern Skating Rink where locals got to see and touch hockey's oldest trophy. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
The Regehrs hosted a beach party where the guest of honour was none other than the Stanley Cup. (Walt Neubrand/Hockey Hall of Fame)
Fireworks! Perfect way to cap off Robyn Regehr's day with the Stanley Cup. (Kristina Regehr)

2014 Stanley Cup Journal - Los Angeles Kings

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