Hockey Hall of Fame - Stanley Cup Journals: 2014, 31
Keeper of the Cup presents Stanley Cup Journal

Kings Assistant Equipment Manager Dana Bryson and wife Jesse (who works for the Anaheim Ducks) pose with the Stanley Cup. Dana currently leads Jesse 2-1 in Cup victories. (Hockey Hall of Fame)
Bryson and his sons proudly raise their respective Stanley Cups. (Hockey Hall of Fame)
Kings Chief Operating Officer Kelly Cheeseman and his wife Andrea relax at home with hockey's greatest prize. (Hockey Hall of Fame)
The Stanley Cup visited the office of Dr. Robert Watkins where he and staff posed for photos. (Hockey Hall of Fame)
Legendary broadcaster Bob Miller, along with his wife and many friends, enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime visit with the Stanley Cup. (Hockey Hall of Fame)
The Stanley Cup paid a visit to Kings Communications Manager, Mike Kalinowski and his family. (Hockey Hall of Fame)
President and Chief Executive Officer Dan Beckerman brought the Stanley Cup to City Hall in Los Angeles to meet with mayor, Eric Garcetti. (Hockey Hall of Fame)
Beckerman then brought the Cup to the campus of UCLA where the two posed for a photo at the iconic Bruin Bear Statue.(Hockey Hall of Fame)

2014 Stanley Cup Journal - Los Angeles Kings

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