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1. Entrance Foyer

As you approach the Admissions area of the Hockey Hall of Fame, you are greeted by a number of displays including the Mask Columns, and the Puck Wall. The Entrance Foyer exhibits offers visitors a sneak peak at the 65,000 square feet of one-of-a-kind exhibits, state-of-the-art theatres, hands-on interactive games and hockey's most precious artifacts that await them.

The New Acquisitions display features selected artifacts that were generously donated to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The artifacts in the display include two chosen copies of a magazine entitled "Ice Hockey World" that were produced for more than seven decades in Great Britain and featured coverage of both National League play around the United Kingdom as well as coverage of the British National Team. In addition, the display includes the Hockey Hall of Fame Yearly Donor List which recognizes those players and their families, teams and members of the public who added to the Hall's extensive collection, during this period of time.

Situated within the Admissions area are the Hall of Fame's extraordinary Mask Columns. Over 30 goalie masks are displayed along with photos of the mask being worn in game action. Included are masks from legends Terry Sawchuk and Ed Giacomin, among many others, as well as some of the more ornate masks used through hockey history. Of note is Gilles Gratton's 1976-77 mask featuring its remarkable lion design.

Beyond the columns stands the Hall of Fame Puck Wall. Almost 1,300 pucks, each collected from a different arena or tournament from a location somewhere around the world, are featured through acrylic glass in an exhibit case situated in the Admissions area of the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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