Board of Directors & Officers

Board of Directors
James M. Gregory,
Vice-Chair, (Acting Chair*)
Toronto, ON
Murray Costello Ottawa, ON
William L. Daly New York, NY
Ron DeGregorio Boston, MA
René Fasel Zurich, CH
Donald M. Fehr Rye Brook, NY
Rob Ford Toronto, ON
Mark Grimes Toronto, ON
Douglas Holyday Toronto, ON
Stephen Holyday Toronto, ON
Stewart Johnstony Toronto, ON
Pat Lafontaine Lloyd Harbor, NY
Geoff Molson Montreal, PQ
Ian Morrison Haliburton, ON
Cam Neely Lincoln, MA
Bob Nicholson Calgary, AB
Glen Sather New York, NY
Larry Tanenbaum Toronto, ON

James M. Gregory
Vice-Chair (Acting Chair*)
Toronto, Ontario

Jeff Denomme
President and Chief Executive Officer
Oakville, Ontario

John R. Dow
Secretary and General Counsel (Stikeman Elliott LLP)
Toronto, Ontario

Craig Baines
Vice-President, Development and Building Operations
Georgetown, Ontario

Peter Jagla
Vice-President, Marketing and Attraction Services
Toronto, Ontario

Philip Pritchard
Vice President, Resource Centre and Curator
Burlington, Ontario

Sandra Walters
Bolton, Ontario