HHOF - Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Statement of Purpose

The Hockey Hall of Fame was founded in 1943 to establish a memorial to those who have developed Canada's national winter sport — ice hockey.

Incorporated in 1983 and continued under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act in 2013, Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum (HHFM) exists in order to (i) honour and memorialize individuals who have brought special distinction to the game of hockey and those who made outstanding contributions to the development and advancement of hockey anywhere in the world, and (ii) collect, research, preserve, exhibit and promote objects, images and other historical materials connected with the game at all levels.

As a non-profit organization and registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada), HHFM owns and operates a museum and place of entertainment offering state-of-the-art exhibits, theatrical presentations and educational programming from its premises at Brookfield Place, Toronto, and a multi-purpose archive, resource centre and research facility located at 400 Kipling Avenue, Toronto.

Statement of Activities


HHFM continually introduces exciting new features designed to entertain and educate the public while stimulating a constant flow of repeat visits. Major capital projects/exhibit developments are funded primarily through sponsorships and contributions from the private sector.

As a self-sufficient business entity, core operating revenues are generated from admissions, merchandise sales, venue rentals and related hospitality services, retail licensing, sponsorships and promotional licensing (including outreach exhibits), interactive concessions, photographic sales, archival services, memberships and the annual Induction Celebration. Since "core revenues" (including gate receipts, retail and venue rentals) generally account to offset core operating expenditures, "non-core revenues" from licensing of intellectual property and outreach programs are essential to HHFM's on-going growth and development (including HHFM's capacity to reinvest in new exhibit, acquisition and conservation programs).

Hall of Fame

HHFM works with members of the Canadian and international hockey community to promote the game of hockey both in Canada and abroad.

HHFM collects, researches, preserves, exhibits and promotes objects, images and other historical materials connected with the game of hockey as it is played in Canada and throughout the world.

HHFM maintains an archive of documents and a library of books and periodicals relevant to the history and current development of hockey, serving the public as the principal research facility into the history of hockey.

HHFM develops and prepares exhibits and interpretive programs to inform the public about all facets of hockey.

HHFM develops and prepares outreach programs on hockey, including a variety of traveling exhibitions and a comprehensive multi-tiered education program, to reach a wider public.

HHFM's primary philanthropic activity is to promote, encourage and solicit "Gift in Kind" donations of artifacts, memorabilia and historic resource materials for the betterment of the museum/archives and the fulfillment of its corporate objects.

HHFM issues "Official Receipts for Income Tax Purposes" for (i) the fair market value of "Gift in Kind" donations of hockey artifacts, memorabilia and archival materials, (ii) unconditional gifts involving cash donations, and (iii) the allowable portion of the ticket price to attend the annual Induction Celebration.

HHFM supports the programs of other charitable organizations by providing special exhibits, use of facilities, project co-ordination and fundraising opportunities.

Board of Directors

Name Nominated by Location
Lanny McDonald, Chair Corporate Governance Committee Calgary, Alberta
Stewart Johnston, Vice-Chair Corporate Governance Committee Toronto, Ontario
Paul Ainslie City of Toronto Toronto, Ontario
William L. Daly National Hockey League New York, New York
Kim Davis National Hockey League New York, New York
Jason Farris Corporate Governance Committee Vancouver, British Columbia
Stephen Holyday City of Toronto Toronto, Ontario
Pat Kelleher USA Hockey, Inc. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Pat LaFontaine National Hockey League Lloyd Harbor, New York
Pat McLaughlin Hockey Canada Calgary, Alberta
Geoff Molson National Hockey League Montreal, Quebec
Cam Neely National Hockey League Lincoln, Massachusetts
Anthony Perruzza City of Toronto Toronto, Ontario
Lino A. Saputo Corporate Governance Committee Montreal, Quebec
Glen Sather National Hockey League New York, New York
Larry Tanenbaum National Hockey League Toronto, Ontario
Luc Tardif International Ice Hockey Federation Acquigny, France
Marty Walsh National Hockey League Players’ Association Toronto, Ontario and Boston, Massachusetts


Name Position Location
Lanny McDonald Chair of the Board Calgary, Alberta
Stewart Johnston Vice-Chairman Toronto, Ontario
Jeff Denomme President and Chief Executive Officer Oakville, Ontario
John R. Dow Corporate Secretary Toronto, Ontario
Craig Baines Vice-President, Development and Building Operations Georgetown, Ontario
Peter Jagla Vice-President, Marketing and Attraction Services Toronto, Ontario
Philip Pritchard Vice President, Resource Centre and Curator Burlington, Ontario
Sandra Walters Controller Bolton, Ontario